The Sharing Knife

I liked the fantasy novels The Sharing Knife, so I asked Lois McMaster Bujold (the author) by email if more books in that series we planned. Her answer:

Hi Thue --

No, only the 4 so far. Nothing else is planned at this time.

There is, of course, a new Vorkosigan SF book coming out in November, _CryoBurn_.

bests, Lois.

Too bad :(


  1. Thue

    I must say I also enjoyed the Sharing Knife series immensely (although I have to admit to being a keen fan of all her writing since I was introduced to Miles Vorkosigan in the early 90s)

    I can't help feeling that there could be plenty more mileage in the children of the main protagonists exploring over the sea whilst helping to find new ways of detecting and destroying Malices before and after they make their presences known.



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