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Making the Trust 1200 Wireless tablet work on Linux

I have gotten access to an old wireless tablet ("wireless" as in the pen is battery powered, tablet is wired USB), and have gotten it work. Since it was not trivial to figure out how to do that, I though I would describe the steps. First the context: in the old days, X11 communicated directly with the hardware. So for a tablet to work, there needed to exist an X11 driver. There seem to be 2 kinds of tablets: Wacom tablets and non-Wacom tablets, with Wacom tablets generally having much better Linux support. So the first thing I found was some X11 Wizardpen drivers which had not been updated since 2011, which supposedly supported various non-Wacom tablets. This was very much a blind alley. After some further investigation, I found that in the newer Wayland architecture, tablet drivers had been moved into the kernel, and the Wayland project libinput had been created as a middle layer. And in fact the DIGImend project had already created a driver for my tablet (which turned o…