Status for Universal Power Adapter for Mobile Devices (2019)

I quite like the idea of a common interchangable power supply for laptops, like micro-USB is/was the common interchangable power supply for phones. Hence I have been keeping half an eye on Universal Power Adapter for Mobile Devices.

There doesn't seem to be any actual users of that standard, so I sent an email to IEEE inquiring if they knew of any users. This is the excellent reply I got from chair Leonard Tsai:

Hi, Thue,

I am the chair for IEEE 1823 working group and your email inquiry was forwarded to me early. Sorry about the belated reply as I just travelled to Asia. Currently the IT market which 1823 standard was originally intended had been swayed by USB SIG to use type C connector as alternatives. However, EU standard body had made inquiry to see if 1823 should be consider as the preferred connector for next get mobile device. Also, there are new interests from some automotive industry players that are looking at distributing DC bus inside a car (obvious that 1823 with CAN Bus as control method is preferred than USB type C which was not designed for harsh environment).

As for commercial deployment, unfortunately I don’t have a definite answer for you. Several power supply vendor in Asia had made prototypes about 2 years ago but I did not get any further updates after that.

I hope this address your question. Please feel free to contact me for further follow ups.




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