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PHP's implementation of fgetcsv() and fputcsv() does not follow RFC 4180 or Wikipedia's description, and does not work in all cases with Excel or OO Calc, as described in bug .

Here is an RFC 4180-complient implementation in PHP. This can parse more than 1MiB of CSV text per second, so should be fast enough for most uses. It is fairly strict, in that it does not allow whitespace before the start of a quoted item, such as 1, "2" ,3 , in according to the standard, but it would be simple to make it laxer. It supports both \r\n and \n linebreaks, where the standard only supports \r\n. whitespace is just another data character, so '1, 2,3 ' becomes Array(1, " 2", "3 "). backslashes are also just another character, as backslashes have no special meaning in RFC 4180.

The code below may be used and redistributed without restrictions. You may consider buying me a beer if you find it useful.

class csv {

private s…